Erin Novodvorsky
Lead Consultant

I grew up on Star Wars and Star Trek and came of age during the release of the Lord of the Rings and Studio Ghibli movies. In my 20's I found Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural (SuperWhoLock), BBC's Merlin, and so many more great shows. As an avid reader, I love fantasy novels, dystopian and historical fiction, romance, YA, Contemporary fiction, and a plethora of non-fiction titles. In my early 30's I fell down the K-Pop & K-Drama rabbit hole, and here we are. 

Krista Datars
Travel Consultant

New to the industry but a very experienced traveller, Krista joined The Geek Travel Agent in December 2023. She has a passion for meaningful travel and finding the right tour for everyone. She travels for the food (especially to Italy), and also loves cruises. Her dog's name is Paris. 

Ottawa Born & Raised
(Nepean, actually)


  • Algonquin College Tourism & Travel, 2005
  • TICO Certified in 2009
  • University of Ottawa Bachelor of Social Science with Honours in International Development and Globalization, 2016
  • Founded The Geek Travel Agent in 2021
  • ACTA CTC in 2021, CTM in 2023


  • 33 countries visited so far
  • TICO Certified in 2023
  • Trevello Training Academy Graduate in 2023

The Geek Travel Agent

Erin Novodvorsky is an Independent Owner, Affiliated with Trevello Travel Group

Ontario Office: 3465 Rebecca Street, Suite 202, Oakville ON, L6L 0H3

Regional Office: 647-689-3884 Direct Line: 613-252-8268